Monday, December 3, 2007

How much did you earn last month

I did a search for "blog net earnings survey" and ended up with this post by Darren Rowse at announcing the result of a poll they conducted asking their readers how much did they earn from Adsense in November 2005.

In Problogger's poll, they found out that in 2005, around 46% of those who responded earned less than $30 in November of that year, or less than $1 in a day, with the most number (27%) earning only less than $10 for the month. A small number of around 5% said they earned over $10,000. And that's in November of 2005! Around 19% said they were not using Adsense.

How true are the numbers today? Don't miss my next posts on this subject.


hpvanduuren said...

Thanks so much for this post...,

Francly I couldn't care less about the Adsense ads, because I only thought of it as a 'Little Side thing'. (I only had a few of those ads as a 'Picture Frame' splashed here and there on my site, not giving it real attention.)

Because I was more focused to just enjoying to make a weblog, writing all kinds of blogposts on it, hoping to get feedback that I could use for inspiration to create new products for my webshop.

A weblog with also all kinds of 'Daily Items' streamed on it so that people would like to bookmark it and visit it frequently.

Than I saw one of the popular weblogs using Adsense ads also IN the blogposts themselves. Although I did already put in ads from my affiliates I never really thought about putting in adsense ads in my blogposts themselves!

So now I will experiment with that. (and get rid of the ugly looking black borders on my ads)

All the Best,

JAZEVOX said...

lucky for those who are in the 5 percent

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