Thursday, November 22, 2007

Net earnings is not net earnings

Unlike the phrase "make money online", if you search for "net earnings" on Google, you don't end up with a blog or blogs on top of the search results. You get's definition of net earnings. The site defines the term as:
Gross sales minus taxes, interest, depreciation, and other expenses. Net earnings are one of the most important measures of a company's performance, since the pursuit of earnings is the primary reason companies exist. Sometimes net earnings includes one-time and extraordinary items, and sometimes it does not. Also called net earnings or net income or bottom line.
This is what we will be talking about. Not. Actually, we are more interested about that other "net earnings", or how to derive income from the Internet. How is it done, how do you maximize results, what are the best practices, who are the most the successful in the industry. Our goal is to learn how. That is our targeted net result, our bottomline. Join me in exploring this very interesting topic.

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